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T-Handles for minimal interferance

Convenient repairs for your window treatments

If you're having trouble with crooked blinds, frayed cords, or crank handles that get in the way of operating your window treatments, you can get fast repairs at competitive prices.  


As a local business where you work directly with the owners, making sure you're happy with your work is our top priority. That's why you'll get a satisfaction guarantee with our workmanship.

Professional repairs you can rely on

  • Restring cellular or honeycomb shades

  • Replace loop cords

  • Level crooked blinds and shades

Window accessories

Camily blind cleaning wand to help remove those pesky bugs that get caught within the cells and pleats (The Camily Wand works best for those treatments with larger openings such as : Silhouettes, Vignettes, large celled Duettes)


Call us to learn more about how we can help you fix your window treatments.


Accesories Window blinds

Camily Wand


crooked blind

Replace your bulky casement crank handles with less intrusive T- Handles (AKA Butterfly Handles) allowing for much less interference.