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Although Vinny and I beleive that all fabric window treatments should be professionally cleaned regularly, we intend to use this blog to share with you some of our tips and tricks to keep your treatments looking good between cleanings. We'll share with you some of the funny stories as well as the horror stories we encounter with our cleaning and installation business. We invite you to comment and share your experiences too. Welcome.

By Frank, Apr 11 2015 02:33AM

Besides the obvious culprits, like faulty furnaces or wood burning stoves and fireplaces, candles can contribute to black soot buildup on fabric window treatments and drapery. Candles in glass jars, scented candles, large multiple-wick candles, and candles with thick or wire-enforced wicks can slowly deposit soot everywhere. Look for evidence of soot around the edge of the candle holder or a black smoke trail rising from the flame; these are tell-tale signs of the wrong candles to burn. To lessen soot accumulation, purchase unscented, hard paraffin, soy or bee's wax candles.

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