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There are many cleaning chores that are DIY, but we believe that cleaning fabric blinds and drapery is not one of them. Yes, there are plenty of posts claiming that you can clean them in your bathtub, a kiddy swimming pool, with a carpet cleaning machine, or even using the garden hose. While this may be true for metal or vinyl blinds, cleaning your fine fabric window treatments this way is like putiing your $500 wool suit in the washing machine.


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Stains caused by cats trying to get behind a Luminette



The following photos are of actual cleanings performed by White Glove Blind Cleaning. For some tips on maintaining your treatments between cleanings, visit our blog or our Facebook page:

IMG_06161 IMG_06181 IMG_06231

Customer had water seep in from above her window. Nasty stain, but we got it out. Water stains need to be removed shortly after they happen. Do not let the sun bake the stain in to the fabric. This shade had a happy conclusion, but that is not always the case.


This customer did not think her Luminette was dirty, so we paused halfway to show her.

Dirty Duette

This customer had 10 cellular shades that looked like this, covered in mold (a health hazard). We cleaned half of this shade to show him the difference, needless to say he was relieved knowing that his shades were no longer a health concern. Note: If you are an asthmatic, or you suffer from allergies, having your window treatments cleaned on a regular basis may help to alleviate your symptoms.